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There is no bond on earth that is quite as strong as a family's bond. At FBCA, we strive to create an atmosphere that mimics this bond everyday through our staff-to-student ratios and our intentional partnership with First Baptist Church.

Many public school teachers are tasked with overseeing the education of large groups of students. This broad scope makes it difficult to keep a finger on each individual student's educational pulse. However, due to our low student-to-teacher ratios, we are able to focus on the individual needs of each student on a case-by-case basis. This ratio helps our teachers develop strong bonds with both students and families, creating an atmosphere of love and trust as they instruct their students.

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The book of Proverbs consistently speaks of the importance of an abundance of wise counsel when it comes to wise decision making. Here at FBCA, we have a very close partnership with the pastoral staff of FBC in order to ensure that we are faithfully guiding our students in the Lord. Additionally, we gather as a school to worship together once a week at chapel, strengthening our bond with one another as we strengthen our bond with God.

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